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The act, or..verb of being a hermit.
I think I'd rather stay inside than face all of that there drama. Yaaaaay, hermitism!
by Bob Bryar. April 05, 2007
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Or the action of becoming a hermit (being alone) but not necessarily on purpose. Some people turn to Hermitism because they have moved to a place far away from their friends. They normally pack up all their possessions and move out to the forest.

Zane has turned to Hermitism.
by Hermitismm January 19, 2011
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Hermitism is the act of locking ones self away from society and avoiding clubs and dance floors. This usually occurs around the time of college/university exams. The phenomenon was first noticed in the metropolitan suburbs of Brisbane, Australia when many students found themselves dealing with an increased workload due to end of semester approaching. It was noted that often on a Friday & Saturday night, many social groups were missing vital members when out in public, at venues that serve alcoholic drinks, and play the sounds of up-tempo music.

Also refers to someone who is forced to stay at their private place of residence on a weekend to avoid being on a club dance floor while sober or due to lack of funds/ lack of confidence/ lack clothes which fit correctly/ generally being lame. These people are also following the principles of Hermitism.
Zach informed his friends that as he had numerous assignments to complete for his University subjects, he would not be making an appearance on the dance floor on Friday night. His friends responded with 'Obviously he has decided to practice Hermitism'.
by Vowed Against May 05, 2011
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