Someone who has parts we both can enjoy
Who stole all my tightie whities? ..oh
It must be hermaphrodite...YAAAAAH!
by Nick May 07, 2005
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an individual who has both penis and vagina
theycan be a male, female or even both!
usually called richard.
Hannah-'whoa man, that purple headed beacon is a hermaphrodite, look at that big fat penis on their head!'
Emma- 'yeah manlook at that linda, ha now shes got a hard on, i havent seen her get it up for a while!'
Hannah-' but i thought you had sexy time last week on tuesday?'
Emma- ' no, that was with the hermaphrodite beacon!'
Hannah- 'THAT BITCH!'
by ict sex buddies March 17, 2008
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a person with a really small penis and a vagina with more female characteristics
Lady GaGa is not a hermaphrodite because that it is weird.
by GaGaWeird November 23, 2009
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hermaphrodite is an organism of a species whose members possess both male and female sexual organs during their lives.

In humans hermaphrodites do not exist, however, Intersexuals do

An intersexual or intersex person (or organism of any unisexual species) is one who is born with genitalia and/or secondary sex characteristics determined as neither exclusively male nor female, or which combine features of the male and female sexes.

And no, they dont have a penis and a vagina. Its usually an awkward mix.
Im so bored i must be a Hermaphrodite! oh wait, thats impossible..
by davek1013 June 27, 2006
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guy one: dude, i took that chick home last night, and i discovered she was actually a dude! i think?

guy two: dude....she was a hermaphrodite!

guy one: whats that?

guy two: a chick wit a dick!

by lovexlovexlovexlove July 10, 2008
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Any animal or human haveing both male and female genitalia
most common example of a hermaphrodite is a worm. But on rare ocasions can occur in humans. You're girl/boy friend drops there pants to reveal a penis and a vagina... whoaaa... than you fuck them anyways.
by Jaronamo Rain February 16, 2009
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