Freak of the nature. Hermaphrodites are weirdos, who have genitalia of both sexes, both dick and pussy, and thus, they're uberfreaks.

hermaphrodites are from the andromeda galaxy, and they escaped into this world because their own species hated them so much that hermaphrodites were almost killed off.

Hermaphrodites have a plan to conquer and enslave this world, and they're masters of mind control. George W. Bush is in their control, and hermaphrodites are using him to their own horrible and freakish ends. But there is still hope, for hermaphrodites cannot reproduce, and their race is going to die off in a thirty years.
Hermaphrodite 1. "Mwahahahaa! These humans are so stupid. They still don't view us threat."

Hermaphrodite 2. "Yeah pal, but they're going to learn when we destroy their race and take over this world."

Both: "Mwahahahahaha!"
by Ihatehermaphrodites. June 11, 2007
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A term used by some glabbits to identify themselves and hopefully avoid persecution.
Pat's lawyer argued that a hermaphrodite doesn't actually have to have both male and female genitalia, just male and female characteristics. Some of these characteristics can be mental, emotional, psychological. Therefore, Pat, the Glabbit, became a USA Marine.
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a person that at first glance you think its one sex then the next glance it looks like the other.unable to find out it actually confuses you what sex they are.
eeekkkkkk!!!!hey that girl/guy/thing looks like a hermaphrodite!!!!
which one is it?
by laliepoppers17 April 22, 2008
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Someone born with both Sexual organs. Normally only one organ is actually useable.
Amy; Do You Know Ellen O'Connell?? From Pa?
Faith; Oh Yeah! What About Her?
Latrell; She's A Hermaphrodite!
Faith; Really!?

Amy; YEAH!
by AmyWTFAutopsy!<3 April 06, 2011
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A person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics.
Ewwwww U nasty fuck.. thatz nasty how the fuck do u have a pussy and a dick!
by Lori Inthisone December 09, 2003
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A person born with both male and female organs. Like one of the McGarvey children!

See also: Cathy M (Mah-Gar-Vey)
Wow look at that picture of Cathy, she looks exactly like a hermaphrodite!
via giphy
by FooLMeOnce85 April 10, 2019
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“Ugggh” I can’t masturbate... might as well finger myself. (Hermaphrodite)
by B.I.G Deek Deek November 06, 2019
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