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Much like homosexuals, herbosexuals love each other very much, but instead of being bound together by each other's penises, they're mutual love is for marijuana.
Every stoner, at some point, has an herbosexual life partner. This is their favorite person to smoke weed with, and because of that eventually becomes their best friend for life, because they realize they have many other things in common and their affection for each other flourishes through the many stoned epiphanies, and other experiences they share.

If you are a stoner, and are not in an herbosexual civil union, you start to feel like one of those women who are turning 35 and still haven't found a man to have a family with, like Jennifer Aniston on The Switch. A stoner without a BFF, is like a pornstar without fake titties. It's just awkward.

Famous Herbosexual couples:
-Saul+Dale Denton (Pineapple Express)
-Smokey+Craig (Friday)
-Jay+Silent Bob
-Jesse+Chester (Dude, Where's My Car?)
-Larry+Rico (Puff, Puff, Pass)
-Betty White+Charlie Sheen (it's a little know fact that they were smoking buddies back in college).

Btw, drinking buddies are nothing like Herbosexuals. A drinking buddy can really be anyone. Herbosexuals are special, someone you really trust. Drinking buddies are like freaky trannies on the corner, and Herbosexuals are happy married couples.
Al: Man...I feel bad for Steve. He doesn't have a good stoner friend. *Pass of the bong, stare at Steve asleep on couch*

Rylee: *Receives bong* Yea, well I guess we can have a polygamous herbosexual relationship with him.

Al: Woah, woah, what do you think this is, Half-Baked? Those kind of relationships don't work in real life. An herbosexual relationship is supposed to be between two dudes and a bong. An occasional 3rd dude is acceptible at parties and large get-togethers...but all the time? That would upset the balance of the universe.

Rylee: You know, it's highdeas like that that made me choose you as my herbosexual life partner. Let's finish this bowl and then go take a shower. No homo.
by BigJohnOnthe Radio March 22, 2011
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Somebody who has a (sexual) affinity with plants; a tree humper
"The herbosexual looked longingly at the mighty oak."
by Griffin February 28, 2005
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