University of Nebraska (at Lincoln)

A university on the eastern (and more populated) side of Nebraska. Mostly know for corn (the football team is literally named the Cornhuskers), but once you get past the Hicks the area has an incredibly diverse population
P1: You go to the University of Nebraska? You must love football and shitty beer! What’s your major? Agriculture?
P2: Actually I’m a gender and women’s studies major and I think football- and you -can fuck off!
by Wazzzuuuuuppppp August 5, 2018
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A couple buildings in the middle of nowhere that are apparently considered a "university". I mean really, what the fuck is even in Nebraska?
Guy 1: Yeah, you know, I go to the University of Nebraska
Guy 2: What? Since When did Nebraska have anything other than Dairy Cows?
Guy 1: *Quietly Sobs*
by No Lies, Only Truth August 5, 2016
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Some random university, God knows where, where everyone has definitely lost their virginity... to their brother or sister.
Dude... she goes to University of Nebraska? She probably has a kid with her brother!
by wordgmon94 October 1, 2014
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