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Hender is a male name. Hender is a very intelligent , loyal , and funny person. Hender is the type of person to love you for a hall life. Hender is short for Henderson and it comes from a old word meaning loyal. Hender is the type of person you would like to meet and fall in love with. He could be a good friend or boyfriend. Hender is the person to tell any secrets and he won’t tell anyone. Hender is not a name that everyone have there is a hender out of a millions people in the word so if you come across a person name hender you are very lucky. Hender is a easy person that you could fall in love with he look at your eyes and is like you are his. Also hender is the type of person the if ya have beef he would do everything in his power to get you back. Hender is the person who understands everybody feeling he could help you get across bad time he would do anything to put a smile in you face. He is a loyal person to his girlfriend or wife he is perfect. Don’t miss of this wonderful person...........
If you want some get hender
by Hender will love you February 25, 2018
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