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The Helghast are a vicous race of superhuman mutant soldiers and are the prime enemy in the PlayStation 2 FPS "Killzone". The Helghast are larger that normal humans, and assume giant proportions. They have adapted to the atmosphere and harsh environ of their planet of exile, Helghan. They must breathe a modified gas which they inhale though a helmet that they always wear, which includes a glowing orange set of goggles. The very sight of a Helghast strikes fear into their enemies on the battlefield.
"Kill all of those f***ing Helghast!" a Vectan soldier yelled. "AARGHEG!" he yelled after the helghast injected multiple high-velocity munitions into his frail, human head.
by adsims2001 December 21, 2004
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Powerful shape-shifting monster from the Darklands, in the world of Magnamund. Appear most prominently in Lone Wolf 2: Fire on the Water and the corresponding novels (Legends of Lone Wolf 3 in Britain, 3 and 4 in America).

In its true form, a Helghast looks like an undead creature with a rotting face and glowing red eyes, and wears a long hooded cloak. Helghast can, however, disguise themselves as humans and other creatures, and are often used as spies and assassins. Very strong (for a monster encountered at this point in the series), they are also immune to ordinary weapons and can only be damaged by magic weapons. (Because Helghast are undead, the Sommerswerd does them double damage).

Lone Wolf is tracked and attacked by a number of Helghast while attempting to reach Durenor. Most importantly, the tunnel into Hammerdal is overrun with the creatures. There is also a Helghast in the Ragadorn Ale-House Brawl board game.

The word is both singular and plural.
Lone Wolf fought the Helghast with his magic spear, but still had problems overcoming the immensely strong creature.
by Andy May 01, 2004
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