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A kingdom in the far north-east of Magnamund, separated from its close ally, Sommerlund, by the Wildlands and accessible mainly by sea. The Sommerswerd is stashed in Durenor, having been entrusted of old to the King of Durenor by the King of Sommerlund, and Lone Wolf has to travel to Durenor to retrieve the artefact in Lone Wolf 2: Fire on the Water. The capital of Durenor is Hammerdal, a city surrounded entirely by mountains and accessible only through mountain passes - making it very hard to invade. The Durenese always fight on the side of good. Durenor is the home of the mighty physician Madin Rendalim, and of the Knights of the White Mountain.
When Lone Wolf travelled to Durenor, he was ambushed by Helghast.

Durenor is prominent among the Freelands in resisting the Darklords.
by Andy April 19, 2004
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