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The world in which the Lone Wolf and World of Lone Wolf gamebooks are set. Divided into two parts, with a huge rift between them, Magnamund consists of dozens of small countries and also some very scary wild areas such as the Hellswamp, Maakenmire, Doomlands of Naaros, etc. The final stage for the showdown between good and evil (!). The latter is represented mainly by the Darklords and their armies of monsters, but also by a variety of unpleasant beings ranging from the humanoid Drakkarim and Shadakine to the demonic Agarashi and the rat-men known as Vazhags.
Lone Wolf lives in Sommerlund, in northeastern Magnamund.

If my sister lived in Magnamund, she might get eaten by a gourgaz.
by Andy April 17, 2004
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