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A small coastal town in the Wildlands, the area between Sommerlund and Durenor. Virtually the only settlement in the entire region. Like the Wildlands as a whole, Ragadorn is home to a motley crew of Szalls (a weak type of Giaks), pirates and outlaws.

Lone Wolf ends up stranded in the town after his ship sinks in Lone Wolf 2: Fire on the Water. He has to find a way to get transport east to Durenor, while avoiding the dangers of Ragadorn itself. There is also a board game, Ragadorn Ale-House Brawl, included in the Magnamund Companion guidebook. Ragadorn is the kind of place where a brawl would barely make the news, so the game is quite appropriate.

Nominally listed as the "capital" of the Wildlands, although this idea is largely empty in such a desolate and chaotic place.
Lone Wolf entered Ragadorn after being picked up by a pirate ship and taken there.

Travellers to Ragadorn are warned to be careful of dangers ranging from cut-throats to Helghast.
by Andy April 22, 2004
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