A fat girl that is befriended only for the purposes of using her to get to her hott friendss
Hey You Fat Disgutsting Heffer how about you invite ur hot friends over so i can pick them up while you lik my ass
by A Person That Knows One May 15, 2006
Look at her run.

Yep, shes a fast little heffer.
by Orange swirl smoothie October 24, 2009
That Heffer just smiled at me.
by Phail and Dan September 15, 2008
A kid who claims to run but rarely ever does, and instead naps often. Also is poor at Statistics
Hey Heffer, did you go for a run today? No I took a nap instead!
by BarryMcCaukener December 7, 2016
Being compared to Hugh Hefner. A playboy man able to have a woman at any time and/or many women at the same time. Charms ladies with his personality or money, but is not always an attractive guy.
"Dude, I totally scored with two hot chicks last night."
"That's awesome! Man, you are such the heffer."
by information station February 7, 2012
A section of a company office made up entirely of women. Usually staffed middle age overweight women. The old school term for this would have been the typing pool.
Take these papers I just signed up to the heffer pen so they can fax them to the home office.
by azdude June 9, 2009