adj. or all around funky phrase to use-

"for real", "damn straight", or "no doubt" are like-phrases

SLANG from Ebonics

"That chick was so ugly!" "For sheezy!"
or "That guy has a tiny head!" "For sheezy, my neezy."
by RogueRising August 13, 2003
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Ebonics for "sure". Belongs to a group of words that follow the phonetic pattern "eezie". Commonly used as part of the phrase "for sure".
E.g. "Saturday is off the heezie for sheezie. You can find me up in one tweezie" (Welcome to Atlanta).
by methical May 02, 2006
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Modification of the ebonic word "sho" based on English word "sure." All phrases containing two consecutive words ending in an "O" sound should be modified so that the second "O" becomes "eazy."

Fo Sho becomes Fo Sheazy
Mo Fo becomes Mo Feazy
Yo, Ho becomes Yo, Heazy
by Safran May 09, 2003
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1) It means DA SHIT. This is the most awesome title you could ever receive.

This means that you are special to whoever called you this. If they were refering to an object you should praise it.

2) Italy.
Check it cool! This is my big brother, isn't he sheezy?
by Blarglesmarg August 07, 2011
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He is pure and was born blessed he has no awareness of these powers within him. Can scale mountains, swim in oceans, fight gorillas, do math hw with babysitters while off molly.Comes from a place of love even if his actions might be confusing ,random. Confused about life because of the sheep n snakes around him..needs things made clear to him., pushes all the emotions down unless he feels real with you . Things will always be fine if it comes from a pure place from the right person...if u disrespect he’ll get to kickin shit
Sheezy:...boutta smoke this wood...young forever getting to the bags..shawty come pop this tesla n vibe with a shotcaller..don’t listen to the oldheads and snakes they ain’t purebred like me..yeee do I sound like The Weeknd babe?...we can get violent in this bihh...rager🚀

Rara: “Sheezy is a dick but I’ll let him sing to me off the molly for the one time this Fall. needs sumn sheezy. I was an atheist but Then I heard Sheezys voice and saw his face now I feel like he’s god sent”

Random: I was thinking twice while Sheezy popped is that possible one sexy legend...
by 007bondshit October 10, 2020
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