The eldest member of kpop group ENHYPEN, debuting November 30th 2020
He is the core of their performances and is known as the ace of the group.

On stage he is bursting with energy, stage presence, talent but off stage he is cute, silly, and will never fail to make you smile or laugh.

He is very loving and caring, always looking after his members.
Person 1: Did you see ENHYPEN’s performance
Person 2: Yes! Heeseung is really good
Person 1: Heeseung was born to be the center
by CUTEPLANETTUNICORN November 18, 2020
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you: you bias heeseung right??
me: yes
you: he’s so fine
me: ik
you: youre the best heeseung stan
by kang taehyun’s gf July 7, 2021
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lee heeseung is an ace in a 4th gen hot rookie group, enhypen. he is the oldest, center and is the main vocalist

p.s. heeseung my family isnt strict 😃💪
; do you know heeseung?
: ofcourse ! who dosent? hes the 4th gen ace
by lee heeseung’s gf December 26, 2021
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Heeseung is the first member of the kpop idol group ENHYPEN. He is known for being the ACE trainee in ILAND, a survival competition where they came from. He has leadership skills and has great vocal and dancing skills which are praised by everyone.

Heeseung looks like a deer because of his cute pair of doe eyes and his small face.
Heeseung has an amazing vocal skills.
by zzaea October 23, 2020
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Literally the most purest person to ever exist, eldest of rookie group ENHYPEN but is an absolute baby inside. Survived I-LAND and was known as the ace, everyone loves him.
Person One: Have you ever heard of Heeseung?
Person Two: Yes! I love him, he's my bias.
by mazeinthemiroh December 4, 2020
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A very talented guy who is loved by every ilander

Heeseung is known as the Ace trainee in iland
Heeseung and Sunghoon are friends.
Jungwon's father is Heeseung.

Heeseung is a baby.

Heeseung and Niki are dancing.
by leeheeseungbestboi August 19, 2020
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A talented BigHit trainee that must and deserves to debut

He is known as the Ace because of his talent
Heeseung will debut.
Heeseung and Sunghoon are friends .
Heeseung is loved by everyone.
Jungwon's father is Heeseung.
by leeheeseungbestboi August 19, 2020
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