An adjective used to describe an incident where the turn of event resulted in the pleasure of one. Term used from "Hedonist/Hedonism".
Person 1 " Dude, what are you up to tonight?"
Person 2 " Probably get hammered, watch the game and nail my wife"
Person 1 " That's so Hedo, I love it!"


Person 1 " I was so Hedo last night, I got head from my girl and didn't return the favor"
by MarkthePoet January 6, 2008
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A friendly greeting when meeting another person.
by Rellen August 9, 2004
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Married mature man who's wife is sufficiently open minded and properly trained so that she presents other woman to her husband.
This Hedo Dave have a very busy week-end coming his way.
by Marky Mark October 8, 2003
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Commonly mistaken for a good basketball player, Hedo Turkoglu is a 6"10, unathletic sloth who gets paid $10 000 000/year (US) by the Toronto Raptors to dribble around the top of the key, take contested 3 pointers early in the shot-clock, and clumsily drive the to basket while utilizing his 11 inch vertical to pass the ball to the perimeter.

Once considered a key piece to an Orlando team which made the 2009 NBA Finals, Hedo is better known as a %40.00 Field Goal shooter throughout his career, who has benefited from being surrounded with elite talents such as Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard in order to mask his many deficiencies as a player. Once securing a large contract with a Toronto Raptors team that was unable to disguise his weaknesses, Hedo was exposed for the lazy, selfish, sub-par athlete he truly is. This was exemplified in his decision to fake a stomach illness in a game the Toronto Raptors lost by 1 point in the 2009-2010 season, to go clubbing. Toronto ended up missing the playoffs by 1 game.
Jack Armstrong: "Hedo, please explain why, in an 82 game season, were you able to play 1, solid all-around basketball game....against the New York Knicks no less?"
Hedo (Hidayet) Turkoglu: "Ball"

Jay Triano: "Hedo, are you reviewing your tapes from the LA game"
Hedo (Hidayet) Turkoglu (on the couch, eating Pizza and drinking sprite like the lazy, selfish, lying sloth he is): "yes coach"
by porneggs May 5, 2010
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Hedo is an amazing kind hearted soul. He cares about everyone he meets and is a very good person. He is very tired at sometimes, but he always manages to make everyone smile. He is a very amazing person to have in your life. He fills your heart with love and has beautiful eyes.
Guy 1: "Wow Hedo is awesome"
Guy 2: "I know, he really is!"
by hedofangirl2014 May 22, 2021
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Pronounced: he doe - jel ly fish
1. Resembles a marine coelenterates with gelatinous bell or saucer shaped body that is typically transparent and has stinging tentacles around the edge but is actually sperm floating in the nude pool at hedonism 2 located in Negril Jamaica
Watch out, here comes a Hedo Jellyfish!


Gross, you have a Hedo Jellyfish stuck in your leg hair!
by Dis0wned June 28, 2019
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