Synonyms: Aback,Appal, Amazement,Astounded Astonishing, Amazed,Beguiled, Bamboozled, Blindsided, Bewilderment,Baffled, Shock, Startled, Shocked Stupefaction, Surprised, Stifled, Stunned, Enlightened, LIGHT-SWITCH, Startled, Unbelievable, Unaware, Vexed, Zapped. “OMG” “SKSKS” “HELP-” “I-”

Antonyms: Aware, Alluring, Bestowed, Un-Vexed, Serene, Known,” FACTS”, believable, un-hinged, “duh” “wbk” “wdym … o/c
Bro #1: HOLY HECKLING!!!!! (HH)
*shouts* *😳 *astonished*

Bro #2: What man.. wtf is holy heck-
*looks bewildered * 😧

Bro #1: I just tried that water 💦 bottle trick. you know … the one my man Charlie Puth uses in a ton of his content…and holy heckling that man is the CEO of thirst traps 🪤

Bro #2: ok …

Bro #1: OK … SO…

*5 min later*

Bro #2: HOLY 🤬 STFU - man? What is it now?

*rolls eyes* *🙄*

Bro #1: I JUST WENT FROM 1K to 1.5K … HH.
by Jukey Lovejoy December 9, 2021
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When you are asking “What the heck” but need to take it more extreme without cussing... Almost like “What the how”
What the heckle does that even mean?!

Wait- What the heckle!
by 8’&7/5 April 27, 2021
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