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someone who is unusually imaginative and has the ability to convert all that he imagines into reality. A person who is one of the sweetest creatures in existence leading birds, cats, lizards, dogs, and other animals to perceive him as one of their own and subsequently abandoning the affections of their previous owners.
He's not a thief but he is a bit of an Ethyn.

Oh, no! My favorite belt has been Ethyned!

The boy was saddened to learn that through the delicate process of Ethynasia, Fluffy had moved to the neighbor's house.
by Margentile February 04, 2010
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can be nice and loving, other times he can be rude. texts a lot of girls, definitely a player. drinks a lot, some consider a drunk. but if he really wants to, he can be nice and cool.
ethyn is an alcoholic.

if you know anyone that’s an alcoholic, it’s an ethyn.
by nigga0988 October 03, 2018
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Sure his name may be slightly odd... but he's the best person in the world. He thinks twice before giving his heart to anyone... but when he does... you don't ever want him to stop loving you. He's the sweetest most gentle guy you'll ever meet.
Girl: so you're dating Ethyn?
Me: damn right! He's absolutely amazing...
by Sassyshidler June 10, 2018
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Ethyn is a loving, amazing, and handsome human being. He is reliable, caring, and very kind to everyone he meets. He will always be there for you whenever you need him and he can give you really good advice. He will stay up with you until 5 o'clock in the morning while you rant about something that doesn't even matter because he loves you so much. He will always send wholesome memes to you if you're sad. Ethyn is loyal and hates cheaters and players. He wants to be with you and loves contact in any way shape or form. He will love you unconditionally no matter what unless you cheat on him or turn gay for a month because people can do that apparently.

hey babe i love you so much never forget that

hELLA cute laugh uwu <3<3<3
"You're dating Ethyn right?"
"Yeah, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me! UWU"
by Humphrey Jones Has a small dic January 03, 2019
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