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name that defines a real women, real name means gift from god, it should have been a gift sent by god for all mankind!! :)..

elegant, gorgeous, and personality that shines for days, and smile that can outbeat the sun :) ...!!!!
hot chick that you can take home to meet mom and would appreciate her. best of both worlds... hot and a future wifey !!!

thats a bird , thats a plane, god damn its a heba !!!
by rose82 February 05, 2010
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a Cuban slang word meaning "chick" or "girl," usually implying that she is "hot" or attractive.

Usually used between guys to talk about a girl...
Spanish: ñoo! esa heba esta buena pa comersela con ropa y todo!

translation: fuck! that hottie is good enough to eat with her clothes on and everything!

Spanish: Como estan las hebas en la fiesta?

translation: what's the hottie status at the party?
by melissa cuhh November 29, 2007
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