The pain you feel after you realized that you love this guy but in the end he didn't love you. Instead he loved your best friend that you have known for most of your life. They stab you in the back and all you feel is this intense horrible pain. You don't want to live. You don't want to eat. You don't want to talk to anyone. All you do is cry your heart out and mask what you're feeling so others wont ask. You just want to die and make everything go away.
I realized that I loved him so much but in the end he hooked up with my best friend. Now I all I feel is heartache.
by Beauty3456 December 15, 2010
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A feeling of helplessness or rejection, usually caused by the loss of a sexual partner. when one is suffering from heartache, he/she losses their sense of judgement.
she,s so dysfunctional. i think she has heart ache
by cramel November 15, 2007
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a complete waste of time. but it isn’t your choice. your heart is literally aching. it feels like there is a hole in your chest. or someone is screaming inside of you. it is usually caused by an asshole who you loved but didn’t love you back. that asshole made you think he did though
i have terrible heartache for the one i love that doesn’t feel the same
by i’m broken a little August 08, 2019
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Generally considered to be a negative feeling towards oneself or certain event like a heart-break, a breakup or being rejected by your crush that would cause feelings of distress, sadness, emptiness, depression, etc...
Man, Jim has such a heartache right now, he really didn't take it well when his crush chose his friend over him.
by Melutox March 28, 2018
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Sarcasm. Used when someone says something you dont like.
Teacher: Class today we will be doing a test.

by Asmaffow May 13, 2015
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1. when a dumbass guy asks you to go out calls it a date but its actually a hook-up

2. when a guy asks you out then dumps you 3 days later on aim
my friend asked me to the movies wanted to hook-up and broke my heart the first time......then my bf asked me out online then dumped me online 3 days later this left me with a heartache
by not going to say April 30, 2006
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