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Another name for a druggie or a nonce
Damn Hazer!
"Luk at cho ass dawg cho a hazer, man!"
by Hazer January 21, 2005
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a blunt of 2 or more grams of haze, not those head ache regz
ADP and Da Goonies stay blazin them hazers.
by Itachi ADP November 22, 2007
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A person that gets everybody's hopes up to bring a team to victory, and near the end of the match, " hazes " the game by committing suicide or by making a major evident mistake.
Dude I got hazed last night, thought I was finally going to get Diamond...
Wow that guys such a Hazer
You down to hazer tonight? Feel like snatching some dreams. - Sure dude!
by Virtual Dugu December 06, 2016
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