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The term haza was introduced by the character Frank Lopez in the film Scarface. Haza is a yiddish word for a pig, or a pig that doesn't fly straight. The term was later backfired onto Frank when Tony discovered that it was Frank who had attemted to assassinate him.
"You know what a haza is Frank?! A pig that don't fly straight, and neither do you!"
by Nathan May 06, 2005
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A way to say hooray. People tend t think it makes them sound "medieval"..I guess.
Haza for Beer!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
by dumdumdum June 13, 2006
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Random commentary that you say when something happens, such as someone returning from being away.
TC: Hey, I'm Back
DH: Haza
by Dark_horizon March 21, 2004
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This is the equivalent of 'oh well', 'que sera sera', 'whatever', 'who cares', 'so what else is new'. A sarcastic term used in submission to some unfortunate event, extreme boredom, or to communicate 'I don't care, I don't even care that I don't care'.
Dude: Like no way! I just flushed my bag down the shitter!
Other dude: Haza man....

Boy: I'm so excited! Teacher says we get to study species coelenterata today!
Girl: Well haza....

Woman: Damn I left my car running and locked myself out!
Man: Haza, what else is new?
by cute cuddle June 29, 2016
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A phrase used when having been trolled. It is another lazy way to say omy.
Teacher: And this tv show had this scene and it was so funny hahaha.
Students: ๐Ÿ˜‘ no
teacher: haza
by maximus decimus brutius May 20, 2019
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