When you very much dislike someone and kinda wish they were dead. :)
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by it's meow! December 07, 2017
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You hate because you can't conquer it. You hate Chad because he goes out with the hottest hoe in the school. You can't conquer him. You hate the Yankees(PS, Im not a Yankees fan) because you can't beat them. You hate swim because you can't conquer your fears. You hate Bush because of the obvious reasons.


You hate Chad because you can't accept that he gets bitches and hoes. You hate the Yankees because you can't accept that they are good. You hate swimming because you can't accept that u suck. You hate Bush because you can't accept that shit has already been done and can't look at the positives in the future.
What the fuck I already said that. I Hate this shit. NaS, one of the best rappers said this in Hate Me Now. Listen to that shit now bitch!
by Flava Doug September 20, 2010
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The absence of love. Hate is unproductive, problematic, and inefficient, to look at it from a scientic POV and downright evil from a religious one.
Hate leads to hate. Conflict to conflict. War to war. Death to death. Yet love still leads to love, and it's always a viable option for those of a more logical and benign mind.
by Seth K. September 05, 2003
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The most horrible feeling you can experience. It grips your chest and doesn't let you breathe. It's so hard to contain people cry while trying to.
It's felt towards people who did something bad to you, people you can't forgive.
The opposite of love.
Like no matter what you do, you'll never be able to make things right with that person. You might even get the urge to kill them at times.
It's often accompanied by extreme anger.
To hate someone is the worst thing in the world because you feel like you can't escape that hate no matter what you do. It eats you up inside.

Hating a celebrity isn't really hating, but disliking and being proud about it, so those two shouldn't be confused.
"Ugh, I HATE Justin Bieber. His music sucks!"
"That's not hating. That's disliking and being a d*ck about it."

"Me, I hate my dad. He always beat me up and controlled my life, and I hate him so much.. *insert angry sobbing here*"
"Oh, is that true?? How could he?? I hate him too, how DARE he?!"
by XionXIVth November 20, 2011
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You know you hate someone when you take a crap in their bathroom and pull it out of the toilet and proceed to wipe it all over the wall!
Someone actually pulled put their terd and wrote FUCK on the wall at this place I play hockey.
by Off-Beat podcast August 29, 2005
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a word to describe somebody you love but has lost hope in
i hate my ex!!!
you just said to secends ago you missed him!
by lenoreISsickOFlife May 15, 2007
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