A Harvatera is a Guest Relations Officer (GRO) of a club, usually male club in asia.
Karen is working as a Harvatera in Hong Kong.
by Cyclone Trading March 15, 2020
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Trans who have undergone sex change and are qualified to join the Miss Universe beauty pageant.
Miss Universe Spain in 2018 is a Super Harvatera.
by Cyclonetrading July 1, 2021
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A brand of Cosmetics belonging to the Harvatera Group of Open Water Swimmer Martin Soriano. WIPO- IPO PHIL Trademark Registration- 4-2021-516228. It is also licensed for sole Internet Television, Radio, Print Broadcasting. Distributed worldwide. All Rights Reserved.
Vavaihan Harvatera has launched a bleach cream guaranteed to lighten your skin.
by Cyclonetrading July 16, 2021
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Archewell Harvatera is a street lingo in the Philippines meaning "Aren't you well from Covid 19, buddy (Che)?", which refers to a night worker (Harvatera). This has gained popularity during Covid lockdown in mid-2020s.
Che, Archewell Harvatera? (Aren't you well?) Where are you going for Harvat ?(Harvatera- night shift worker)
by Cyclone Trading December 12, 2020
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