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1. Player
2. taking BJ pics and save them for later
1. This HK Player has over 1300+ photos of him and his sexual conquests in mainly BJ poses.
Who is Edison Chen?

2. Guy takes pics while girl is going down on him.
Girl: What are you doing?
Guy: Just pulling an edison chen.
by Jetz February 29, 2008
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OMG HES SO FREAKIN HOTT. He is a Chinese R&B/Pop/Hip Hop artist who's latest album is Hazy: the 144 hour project. He has been in many films including my favorite The Vampire Effect (also known as the Twins Effect). He also did a cameo with Jackie Chan in The Medalion. He appeared as a waiter.
He is hott..I want to see him sing or act with Hong Kyung Min, another hot singer but he is Korean.
by Sakura April 02, 2005
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A hong-kong Canadian actor/ singer who had his sex photos leaked onto the internet by his computer technician who copied his entire hardrive and restored his deleted pictures (from 4 years before the pictures were leaked) when Edison brought his laptop to get fixed. Something also, some people need to give him a break, it's the 21st century, people shouldn't get punished because they like to have sex and someone who the women need to forgive because it wasn't his fault. How is he a coward for not apologizing, it wasn't his fault. However, he is now returning back into the industry after his "indefinite" leave with his new album, confusion
Edison Chen is the largest photo sex scandal in Asia
by Edisonyayy January 30, 2011
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He's nice when you don't bully him. He's very good at Fortnite Battle Royale and don't mess with him in Fortnite because he's going to killed you in a game
Wow Edison Chen Your So Good At Fortnite Battle Royale
by Edisonchen127 November 19, 2018
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