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Cool, quiet, and doesn't really open up to people. Hannon's are usually very private and keep to themselves until they find that special someone who is exactly like them. Hannon's are very attractive and like to have fun when they are with their best friends. Hannon's are great in bed and usually have big cocks. Hannon's usually like heavy metal and rock music. Hannon's are amazing singers and loves children.
Girl, "Have you seen that guy?"
Other girl, "Yeah, his name is Hannon. He's amazing!"
by tigger77 January 29, 2014
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The most important man in world. Most likely with blonde hair and freckles. A very funny man some might say. Usually falls for the other funny girls or the weird but pretty women. Hannon’s will love brunettes with a great sense of humor
Yo did you see Hannon’s new gf? Yea! She’s definitly a brunette with a great sense of humor dude!!
by Makenna67 December 26, 2017
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