A very sweet girl who is shy but very crazy once you meet her. She's smart, talented, and funny. Shes a master of making funny faces and will make you laugh till you cry. Whenever you need help with homework, hanna is always there to help you. She'll literally do anything to help you and is just the most purest person you'll meet. She thinks she's ugly but she's actually the most cutest, prettiest, and adorable looking person you know. She gives you the best compliment even when you don't need it. The only person that can comfort you is probably hanna. You NEED a hanna in your life. I don't know what you're doing with life if you don't have her.
Me: *I did bad on my audition*
Mom: "You should've practiced more."
Hanna: "Harin! I'm sure you did good. You always do"

*I'm sad*
"Where's hanna at"
by yourbestfriendhaha May 1, 2020
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an unattractive girl that thinks she's pimp but has the worst personality in the hood. More of a poser than a real 'g'. Used often by homies as a quick rebound or a time-killer until their next boo come along. Could be sexual or non-sexual encounters.
Koby: Why are you hanging out with that girl?

Jackson: Man, you know that Justine just broke up with me, I just need a little something until I find a new gf . I'd rather have this for now than be alone.

Koby: Dude, she's your hanna!
by koby.is.a.pimp January 1, 2010
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the hottest girl, beautiful face, dark piercing eyes, brown hair, fantastic legs, always able to turn you on, sweetest chick you'll ever meet.
"She's a total hanna braski"
by bassethound34 August 21, 2011
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a person who cheats on there boyfriends. and seems loyal at first and is funny and nice and then turns into a bitch after a while then breaks your heart
man Hanna cheated on joey can't believe she seemed so nice.
by cooldudeknowseverything November 13, 2018
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Hanna are often the Scandinavian version from the name ”Hannah”. Hanna is just like that, Hanna withOUT an H.

Hanna is the most funny, caring, nice, smart, goofy, athletic, humble, savage and often the most shy person you’ll ever meet. Hanna’s are rare, they really care about those who treats her right. Hanna’s amazing, often sporty, really beautiful and pretty.

Hanna’s are shy and humble, doesn’t want to hurt anyone or anything. If you ever meet a Hanna, treat her right. She’ll love you and do everything in her power to make you feel great and be happy.

She is also very skinny, has barely any fat. She has very low self esteem and can’t see the real beauty in herself. If you comment her look, she’ll milk it for the rest of the year so don’t comment anything about her outside!

Hanna’s have crushes on people who has a crush on her, without her knowing it. Because she’s so humble she can’t really imagine someone liking her, when everyone actually does. All guys wants to be her boyfriend, all girls want her. She is perfect, the human substance of the word perfection. If she has a crush on you, you’re really lucky, because Hanna’s only likes good guys who are caring, loving and smart. If you can top the line of where her “You are my crush”-line are, you are special, just as Hanna.
Jim- I really like that girl Hanna!

David- No way... I do too!

Nick- Oh come on guys everyone’s crushing on her that’s not any news


Yesterday I did a Hanna when I coreographed a new dance
(Did something very unexpectedly grea-awesome)

Girl- Omg you are so pretty! Is your name Hanna? Because you are looking FIRE!

Hanna- Yes, my name IS actually Hanna!
by IdfcAboutYa September 16, 2018
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A Hanna is the best kind of friend she hates when people put h’s on the end of the name, but that’s what cute about her. she is a forgiving person and could never hurt a fly. loves animals, most people and different kinds of arts. a blue eyed beauty who could steal all the guys. Hanna’s have a bunch of friends and accepts anyone. never upset but not always happy. people discribe Hanna as sweet, kind, loving, loyal, fun, silly, goofy.
boy 1-ew who wants a Hanna anyways

boy 2- are you kidding me a Hanna is the best thing that will happen in someone’s life.
*Hanna walks by and smiles*
boy 1- Man your right she’s perfect
by pinkbluegreen34 February 13, 2019
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