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when ur playing cards at there are cards in your hand. those are hand cards
do you have any 7's in your hand stack?
by milkymolam November 30, 2017
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A playful "being sociable" game where ya "layeringly" stack up yer hands with those of one or more friends, then ya yank yer "bottom" hand out from da pile and place it on top of da stack of hands, then the next person yanks his hand out from da bottom of da stack and places it on top, and so on.
I love playing circle of friends wif all da pretty girls I meet in da town square, but if we have da use of a picnic table or other elevated flat surface, I also enjoy sharing a round or two of hand-stack wif da cuties afterwards --- nuthin' quite so good at bringing da delighted/amused giggles outta dem.
by QuacksO August 03, 2018
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