1. (n.) Surname of John Hancock, merchant, salesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution.

2. (n.) Slang for one's signature.

3. (v.) To sign one's name outrageously flamboyantly.
1. Did you know that John Hancock was unanimously voted as President of the Continental Congress on May 24, 1775?

2. Could you please sign your hancock for your package?

3. Please allow me to hancock all over your paper.
by Powa June 5, 2009
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To shove ones head up anothers butt. Takes great strength and skill. Refer to the superhero movie "hancock" for more info.
Dude I was attacked last night, so I gave him the Hancock!
by Robotics June 16, 2011
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man of great size and power

nickname: footbum
hancock: to have ones hand on cock
by t.w September 8, 2006
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a term referring to someones hand being on their (or sometimes others) penis's in public
Grace: Emma omg, your brother has his hand down his pants!!

Emma: Ugh! again? i know we call him the {hancock}
by dermadil March 13, 2011
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1. Adjective
Hancock, named after the movie of the same name, staring Will Smith, with a budget of $150 million, and a box office pull of $629.4 million, released July 2, 2008, refers to a piece of media/event/person/animal/thing which goes against ones preconceived notions (prejudices) after further investigation. Specifically in surprising, unexpected, or weird ways.

2. Noun

To shove ones head up another's butt. Refer to "hancock" on urban dictionary for more information.
An example of hancock would be:

H:"That did not turn out how I thought it would."

J:"Yes, I agree it did not."

H:"Upon further investigation, that hancock was quite surprising, or unexpected."

J:"Some might say weird."
H:"It is of my belief that, that hancock, was quite hancock."

J:"Mine as well, it went against my preconceived notions (prejudices) on what it would entail."
H:"Much like the movie "Hancock"?"
J:"Yes indeed. Or other movies, such as "Ruby Sparks"."
H:"Or media/events/people/animals/things, for that matter."
H:"...they look like a pretzel."

by John & Hubert April 27, 2021
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When you are beating the Louisville Cardinals in basketball and things seem to be going well and then Luke Hancock comes off the bench, drops 20 on you and you lose.
Witchita State and the Michigan Wolverines got Hancocked in the NCAA tournament.
by BigFanUofL April 17, 2013
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Doing something big that will get you in trouble, but you don't care. This term derives from how John Hancock wrote his name the biggest on The Declaration of Independence.
John: I just banged eight fat chicks!
Bob: Your wife is going to be pissed!
John: I don't care! I love Hancocking!

Tim robbed a bank, walked across the street and started jerking off in front of everyone. The police were on their way. He didn't worry a bit. He's really great at Hancocking.
by Captain Cam von Dam February 8, 2012
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