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The best day to be born if you were born on this day then go show your friends that your better than them
Person 1: Hey I was born on July 2
Person 2:Oh no your clearly better
by November 3, 2020
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All boys/girls born on this day are hot af
Guy1: Dude when were you born?

Girl1: July 2 why?

Guy1: know wonder your so hot
by Andioopppppppsjsksksksksksk October 18, 2019
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The day Chandler finally won a Mr Beast challenge
"July 2 is an epic day, Chandler won a challenge on this day!"
"Wow, i thought he would never win one!"
by Mystery Ghost July 2, 2019
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The day the smartest girl/boy was born! The person born on this day has the best moves.
Elizabeth: Wow, you can dance!
Sarah: Yeah its what they say about people born July 2!
by Yourwisdom March 7, 2020
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John: "July 4th is in two days!"
Adam: "Who gives a fuck about that, it's July 2nd. Time to hop off mine and start sucking your own dick, John."
John: "Good thing I've been practicing!"
by minaycheezits October 21, 2019
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On July 2 I did whatever my girlfriend told me too, maybe I should respect women everyday!
by lol2699 July 1, 2022
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