(n.) One who is slow in grasping an idea or concept. One who talks the talk but cannot walk the coroporate walk. An albatross around the neck of any company, quite likely to scare away the customers. Hammerheads are often killed in road accidents.
Elitist sure is a hammerhead.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 9, 2004
Another word for penis you can say in public
Earl left his hammerhead mark in the vaseline
by V dux August 28, 2007
A girl lays on a bed legs spread, vigorously double fisting her vagina, while a guy stands at the far corner of the room and he is bending over. He places his hands on his head thus imitating the dorsal fin of a shark. He charges forward toward his pray and plows that pussy into oblivion with his head creating the image of the elusive hammerhead shark.
Wow my vagina hurts. WHY? My boyfriend hammerheaded me several times yesterday.
by B2daALLZ September 2, 2006
someone who copies every single fucking joke you say. Basically, a massive, unoriginal twat.
Person 1 - "lmao you have aids."
Person 2 - "yeah lmao you have aids."
Person 1 - "stfu you fucking hammerhead cunt."
by FingerCrossAndGodBless June 13, 2017
A Mormon girl from central Utah whose eyes have spread out, over many years of incest,a perfect example EVOLUTION.
As a young boy, I recall the trips to Salt Lake City and trolling for hammerheads on State Street.
by craig john November 10, 2006
when a man is inappropriate with a woman during sex (shits on her, punches her, hits her, etc.), and the disgruntled woman whips out a hammer and smacks him in the fucking face until he is dead. then she takes his money and runs away. then she blames it on self defense, or just has sex with the policemen to get away with it.
tenzin tried to give me an alabama hotpocket, so i took out my trusty hammer and hammerheaded his sorry ass. now he is dead. muahahaha.
by lhamo_is_zema December 7, 2009