Amazing nice and handsome

Guy who everyone wants to be
_Oh I wish I was Hamed_
by #Benice November 11, 2018
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Hamed is a peeeennnngggg person, he is kind,funny,loyal,he has a dig bick and he is an extraordinary person.
Look it’s Hamed, Shit he is peeennnnng
by Man like Humphrey April 20, 2019
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The meaning of hamed is handsome and dangerous he has his back for his freinds and family hes freinds with dangerous people and people in gangs and he wont let anyone come in his way and he is small...
Man, that guy is such a Hamed , He wont let anyone get in his way.
by H S A August 03, 2018
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You will never figure out his real deal !
You have no idea how powerful he is !
He is silent But Extremely deadly inside .
Talks less works more - but to be honest..
he’s not real , he’s a Legend
by DonaldJTrumpoffical August 17, 2018
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Hamed is the definition of greatness. Fallen Leaf, one of the indians during the time of Sitting Bull prophesized that there will be a certain Hamed that will be the best in the world.
Person 1: omg did you see kobe bryant last night?
Person 2: yeah bro he was so sick!
Person 3: I would say he was definately Hamedding it up
Person 1: yeah dude, total Hamed
by asdfjklqwerty June 06, 2009
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It's a name for men and that means admirer, idolater
Hamed, It's a meaning of a name it's root in Arabic
by asadi1991 September 03, 2018
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To be hammered, trashed, tanked, etc.
A) You dont look so good man.
B) Yeah, but i'm fuckin Hamed though dude.
by Claydolf Hitler January 22, 2004
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