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A guy that complains about his haircut after going to SuperCuts.
Ryan: "I told them to shave the sides and NOT CUT THE TOP. But they just went snip snip snip to the top!"
by SaltySusan December 22, 2019

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She's the most genuine, hilarious, and kindest person you will ever meet. Although sometimes she can be indecisive and is HORRIFIED of the ouija board, the pros outweigh the cons. She's always supportive and cares deeply about her friends and family. She has a wonderful personality and is beautiful on the inside and outside. She always cheers you up and comforts you if you're having a bad day. She's a short Guatamalan.
Susan: "Hey Lily, you should piss in the sink too, it's oddly satisfying."
Lily: Hell no!
10 minutes later
Lily: "You were right, pissing in the sink was so liberating."
by SaltySusan December 21, 2019

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To french kiss or use your tongue when making out.
"Wanna tongue?"
by SaltySusan December 23, 2019

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When someone appears to be charming, but in reality is a terrible person. They are very good at making you turn a blind eye to red flags. It's called hitler charms because Hitler was said to be a charming guy, yet he killed millions of people.
Ariana: "Why did he tell everyone? He's such a nice guy he would never do something like this."
Lucy: "You were under the influence of hitler charms the whole time you talked with him."
by SaltySusan February 27, 2020

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Shit, poop, crap, etc. Smells nice, tastes even better.
"Hey I just made fresh butt chocolate. Got to the bathroom and take a look."
by SaltySusan September 08, 2020

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