When you are half way on your way to a boner.
He was turned on half mast.
by artsyfartsygyrl April 18, 2006
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Front zipper or fly of a man's trousers not being fully pulled up.
After he had done a piss, he came out of the can with his fly at half mast.
by Busted Hyman July 5, 2006
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When you're so tired that your eyes are only half-open and you can't get them open any wider.
Aww, you must be tired, you're at half mast!
by Vocidy September 24, 2006
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When you are at full erection, you look like a flagpole after a tradegy.
by Slightly_Mad March 2, 2004
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when your pooping and realize your out of t.p. and have to waddle with your pants around your ankles or knees to go to the hallway closet to get more toilet paper.
my mom spotted me half masting and damn it was embarrasing
by vloky July 1, 2004
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When your getting there, but are yet to really put up the tent and let everyone know what you are about
Yogi: Wow I can't believe you still haven't pitched a tent yet
Shamus: Well I've been at Half Mast for about an hour now, so it should be here anytime now

Cordon: Have you been stuffing your pants?
Bleu: Na I've just been sailing at half mast for about a few minutes now

Dave (to himself): Wow who knew that flying half mast in public would be so easy to get away with.
Lady (casually looking at dave): Wow that guy is at half mast, someone should really tell him to chill out
by J Dog12 March 27, 2009
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When the male penis has not yet achieved full erection ie: Full Mast

Usually due to moderate or unsuccessful arousal or drunkeness.

Sometimes called a "Semi"
"At Half Mast Warren walked past the girls, showing his gratitude for their beauty"

"After many beers Douglas was unable to get beyond Half Mast, Gemme was going to get a dud root tonight...if any!"
by Ben L 64 November 7, 2006
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