When you have half of a boner. Kind of like a chub. You cannot control it. It is just there. Big and thick.
Guy 1: "WTF?!?! do you have a boner?"
Guy 2: "Nah dude, im just half masting"
Guy 1: "ohh"
by My turbin is dirty February 17, 2012
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where you had a throbber, and then has died down, but is still not gone flacid, and is still erect, but has just lost most of the inflation, giving the impression of a pencil dick, but you've just not got a full-on boner.
i was having a wank the other day, and then i heard a noise, but then when i went back, i was at half mast
by Shaun-e-e-e August 25, 2010
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Also knowen as "the Weather Man" someone who is easily aroused in the presence of two or more guys or four second of porno. He smells like a sweaty jock strap because he doesn't know how to shower and never wears socks with running shoes. He is also knowen for breaking anything that can be broken. He is more ADD then a squirrel on red bull and loves to wallow in his own filth which is why you never ask him to clean because he will only make thing worse.
What the fuck Half Mast! how do you get a boner sitting on the couch with two guys?
by Boodro September 1, 2010
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When a persons pants are half pulled down, usually the result of drinking and falling asleep on the toilet.
Did you see Richard last night?
Yeah he was half mast in the bathroom.
by The real Steve T April 10, 2009
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When your eyes are inadvertantly half-closed after smoking marijuana.
by Margu April 28, 2006
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semi-erect penis, hollywood loaf, not ready for action
Drinking all night put the flag at half mast, and Rob could not perform.
by elvette July 20, 2006
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