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What Derek Huff will charge as commission to sell a house of a friend because in his words, "that's what gets my dick hard"
Kush: Hey I need to sell my house robey
Robey: Well for you I will only charge four fifths commish because I am currently only at half mast
by J Dog12 March 27, 2009
One of the most beautiful and exotic cars you could ever purchase. Followed by the F50 which was a travesty. If you ever really wanted a true sports car and didn't just want to impress people, an F40 would be the car you would buy. Sparked a large debate between the superiority of the F40 and Porsche 959. One of the first cars to incorporate to a large extent technology that was in F1 cars. This made the car incredible, but hindered the long term reliability, however, if you could afford the car to begin with you probably don't care about money or writing large checks frequently.
Overpaid Doctor: Ya I really like my Porsche Boxster, it handles so well and looks so cute.
Prominent Attorney: Hey good for you, my Ferrari F40 actually is a legitimate car and doesn't make me look like i am trying to compensate for my small package.
by J Dog12 March 28, 2009
When your getting there, but are yet to really put up the tent and let everyone know what you are about
Yogi: Wow I can't believe you still haven't pitched a tent yet
Shamus: Well I've been at Half Mast for about an hour now, so it should be here anytime now

Cordon: Have you been stuffing your pants?
Bleu: Na I've just been sailing at half mast for about a few minutes now

Dave (to himself): Wow who knew that flying half mast in public would be so easy to get away with.
Lady (casually looking at dave): Wow that guy is at half mast, someone should really tell him to chill out
by J Dog12 March 27, 2009
Something or usually someone who you can just dominate be it in a physical or mental manner.
Ronny: There was so much slaughter bait there last night.
Johnny: I know, I was cleaning house, came back with at least a truck full of bait

Rick: I totally slaughter baited those people back there
James: Ya who thought it would be so easy to drive through 8 red lights and not get slaughter baited ourselves
by J Dog12 March 25, 2009
When one possesses an inordinately large variety of snacks such that they must be heaped on top of each other just to fit within their required space.
Jonas: hey you got any snacks around here?
Samuel (giving him an incredulous look): No I don't have snacks here, I have snacks on snacks man, check out my pantry, you can barely keep the door closed

(Nude man running down the street in a celebratory manner holding a bag of doritos, buggles, pringles, jays, and lays)
Nude Man: I've got snacks on snacks baby!

by J Dog12 March 26, 2009