Being fairly buzzed, but not quite drunk.
I was only half cut so I was able to get away from the cops. I can't feel my penis.
by Ian January 20, 2004
Being in the state of having a hang over and still being partially drunk.
Going to work half cut this morning was terrible, I could barely hold my coffee cup and had a pounding headache.
by dave111223 March 23, 2011
got a good buzz goin off da liqs you just pugged back but not fully crunk yet.
you know dat sizzurp got me half cut!

shiit, I be half cut off dat muddy cup.
by n-thugga May 13, 2006
Half cut means that somebody wakes up DRUNK from last night. It usually doesn’t last long, but it can be pretty funny.
Guy: Holy fuck, man. I woke up Half Cut this morning.

Guy #2: Hahaha, actually?
by strduzt December 31, 2019
An equal mix of sweetened and unsweetened iced tea.

The term seems to be most commonly associated with people ordering at McDonald's. Unlike Wikipedia, I don't have a citation to prove that… you can Google it.
I'm feeling classy and like I could splurge a little… let's go to McDonald's and order Big Macs and half cut teas.
by Erik P H. June 28, 2019
It`s the action of cutting off someone just a bit while walking. This makes it difficult for the person to decide to either slow down to let the person pass or move to the side and continue on. The moment the half-cut is initiated, the period of hesitance will start and will last about 7 seconds and, afterwards, the victim will realize the doucheness of this action and will be mad for the rest of his walk. The worst way to be half-cut is when you are walking along a wall and someone preforms a half-cut. In this situation, you try to pick up the pace and squeeze by, but ends in a awkward touching between the two.
Damn it! This guy just half-cut me!
by wopi October 31, 2010
Adj. Meaning that depending on temperature, time of day, state of arousal or other unknown reasons these types of penises either appear hooded (uncut) or circumcised (cut).
If I see a hot man ass in the locker room and I'm plump, I look cut. But after I pummel his hole & pull out , I'm hooded. So I guess I'm half-cut.
by bamaSeth October 21, 2015