hale is a private boys school in Wembley downs where the guys are mostly hot and rich, but unfortunately are also very socially retarded. but they're rich so that overrules their spasms.
girl 1- holy shit those guys r hot
girl 2- must be from hale school, look at their brands mmmm.
girl 1- ooo damn I wish he would talk to me
girl 2- he's socially retarded leave him alone.
by hellyeaboi April 8, 2019
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hale school is a school in perth they are all a bunch of faggots and like sucking each other off on their free days they are all scared of the school near by that is churchlands senior high school most of the kids that go to hale are stingy white, asian and indian boys that are loaded they all think they have big dicks but they all have 1 inches they think they are big dogs and act all eshay but in reality they are pooftas that wont do anything
emily: “did you see those hale school boys going into the toilets
josh: “yeah they are probably going to tickle each others ass”
by lil dog woof July 5, 2019
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The rich Perth school is full of briefcase wankers. A large majority of their milfy mum's milk jugs can be found on the side lines of their rugby games. These boys walk like they have blue balls thinking they have large cocks but reality is they aren't even comparable to a Chinese politician's. They love sitting together with hands down each others pants, watching male naked mole rats rape the absolute fuck out of each other. Girls only consider Hale because of their parents deep pockets, younger brothers with slightly larger cocks and their lack of respect for the traditional owners of the land. Certain students enjoy sticking fingers in the ass of their oppositions.
Guy 1: "bruh, Hale School again?"
Guy 2: "those scrot munching monkeys can't even kick it!"
Guy 1: "I wonder if those pussy's balls have even dropped, squeaky mf"
by WesleyWankers May 13, 2021
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Rando: Hey, where did you hop on the finger train?
Ben Dover: Oh at Hale School.
by manchu lang November 23, 2019
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