NCT’s gorgeous Full-sun and the definition of adorable. This 18 year old loves cuddling NCT’s members and his smile and laugh could cure anything. His voice itself is a masterpiece - beautiful, unique AND stable when singing live. His dancing is beyond amazing and that needs to be recognised more! He can be annoying/savage to the other members but that’s just a part of his many charms. Also he’s hilarious!
Funny, talented AND handsome so what’s not to love? Haechan aka Lee Donghyuck deserves all the love in the world so appreciate him more bitches :))))
“Do you know NCT’s Haechan? He’s literally perfect - beautiful face, voice and dancing and he’s so entertaining, if anyone’s stan worthy it’s him!”
by haechansunflower February 02, 2019
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the only boy ever

(also know as full sun for being proven to light up the world)
person 1: do you know haechan?
person 2: do you mean the most talented and beautiful boy ever? the one that invented singing and dancing? yeah, i know him.
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by luvbot April 14, 2019
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fullsun in korean usually referred to a god.
i believe in a religion where we worship haechan.
by luna992001 August 24, 2020
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