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Badass someone who can just look at you and you fall in love. Way better than Hayden, pronounced Gayden...Also anyone by the name of haden is assured to marry miki the most amazing girl in the world.
by Haden Landis October 12, 2008
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Absolute fucking beauty, Haden is the shit. Everyone loves Haden, He’s a stud.
Wow I wish I was as cool as haden
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The cutest, best, nicest, and funniest guy on the planet who is absolutely adorable but doesn’t know it and you just have one look at him and you instantly feel numb in a good way and fall in love (especially with his eyes). Haden is way better than a Hayden. If you haven’t met Haden, you’re missing out in life.
Omg there’s Haden! He the best
by Datlitgrl May 08, 2019
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Haden is the most wonderful and loving person you can have as a friend. He is also very athletic and is he is very cocky at sports. Haden is beautiful. Get yourself a Haden as a friend.
by Nectar Hector March 17, 2019
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The name of a man who only believes in himself. Even after being proven wrong and shown all the evidence they still deny the facts. On top of that, if you state something that the believe otherwise you will get personally attacked just because you are unaware of his opinion.
Jesus Christ man, you are being such a hate'n Haden right now!
by Lapte tape the haper May 25, 2019
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