a head appointment.
like a dick appointment, but only involving head.
“sis i heard you had a HA today.”
“girl you already know!”
by callaheadoftimeforthisDA April 23, 2018
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A sweet sweet girl who will be very kind to you only if you are kind first. She hates taking the first step and usually feels alone even though she may seem to be popular or have many friends. She can have a bit of a temper but otherwise she is the one special girl who will put your happiness and others before he own needs. She will make many mistakes along the way but she will still try to push forward. She is the perfect best friend
Person one: Ha made Lily feel better even though she looked kinda sad
Person two: Yeah she is always looking out for others instead of herself
by ThatOneIgnoredGirl:(( October 29, 2020
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