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HXC is just short for the word hardcore. hardcore is a music genre but also is an attitude and a way of life. Most people who like or are into HXC usally didnt fit in very well with the popular crowd or just didnt feel like they belong there so they found a place where they fit in and had a home and could relate with other people, this was HXC. There are many versions of HXC. some people say that to be hardcore you must be straight edge and vegan, while others say that you shouldnt be straight edge. The genre of music has many diffrent views too. people say that true hardcore is bands such as : madball, throwdown,terror,The warriors and others say that hardcore is bands like : As I lay Dying, underoath, avenged sevenfold. People have been arguing about what hardcore TRUELY is but theres so many diffrent perspectives of it who really knows what true hardcore is, hardcore is what ever you want it to be.
HXC kid 1: hardcore is about bieng straight edge and dancing in the pit.

HXC kid 2: hardcore is getting wasted and hurting people on purpose in the pit.

HXC 3: hardcore is not about the music its about the life style you live.
by Stratton Taylor April 20, 2006

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