h/o is an abbreviated way of saying "hang on."
Can I read you my story really quick?

Sure, but h/o a sec
by Gyrapage May 4, 2005
Abbreviation for "highest offer"
by Oragutang August 12, 2007
Typically used on Snapchat, it stands for many things but this type is supposed to mean “hang out
Anybody wanna h/o later tonight?
by VOIDYT April 21, 2018
dude, don't grab my pillow. bro, i got a raging hard on, i need the h/o cover upper before your mom sees me.
by mattfair June 10, 2009
used to say hold on... or call someone a hoe
but im not gonna tell u what he said...
b/c i dont like h/o s
by SassyUSMCbrat01 November 17, 2004
Honest Opinion. Often used on sites such as ask.fm to ask for a person's opinion of someone
Question: "H/O on Sera"
Answer: "She's a bitch"
by ravix84 January 24, 2015
A phrase created by www.facebook.com/michaelreillymusic that describes something corny or suspect of being gay.
Person 1: Are you eating a banana ...whole? Person 2: Yeah, man. What other way is there to eat a banana? Person 1: How about breaking them into individual pieces and eating them separate so it doesn't look like your performing oral sex? Eating a banana whole is H-O to the MO, son! Person 2: Dude, you're so right. I never thought of it that way.
by @m_dot_reilly May 5, 2011