okay some people, I won't name names, are only seeing this subject in a negative light and as such it causes ignorance in the masses. I think that the public needs to see a more educated view of Gynophagia from the viewpoint of someone who is into this fetish.

Gynophagia is the fetish of a person becomming food for someone else as a fantasy. as a fantasy it's just as taboo as BDSM or other kinks (I won't list everything here). actually Gynophagia can really be a more gentle fetish than BDSM because torture is almost never applied. honestly when you boil it down to its essentials (no pun intended) Gynophagia is an extension of the damsal in distress scinario like you see in stories and such.
Gynophagia is present in alot of the older media we have, the most widely recognized being a helpless woman being boiled alive by a native tribe when the hero rescues her.
another example would be in Little Red Riding Hood where the wolf devours Red Riding Hood, but this could also be classified as a seperate but similar fetish called Voreaphillia.

one of the more widely known scenarios of Gynophagia is known as the Dolcett method which usually centers around the main female character of a Dolcett comic being spit roasted alive and enjoying every moment of it.

but again I must stress that Gynophagia is one of those few fetishes that can only be a fantasy and should not be practiced in RL (Real Life).

for more information on the subject try to google gynophagia when you can but keep an open mind when you do.
a woman studying Gynophagia ended up on the menu of a tribe of cannibals.
by celestia4683 March 31, 2006
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Definition 2 forces me to defend fans of Gynophagia.

Gynophagia has legitimate themes.

The stories go can be consensual or brutally non-consensual, but the most popular theme is "lots of pussy 'willing or not' and every boy gets some."

Gynophagia is also popular with women. For them, it’s a kind of “Whistling past the Graveyard”.

More rare are the Sacrifice stories were someone or something is more important to a person than their own life.
That is a good and valuable theme. There are a lot of great stories that society admires that use that theme.

And Gynophagia is just stories.
The communities that enjoy this fetish are the first to say it’s just fantasy, never reality.
Graphic or words, they are just stories.
Most popular storyline may be plentiful and consensual girls who have always fantasized about being snuffed, cooked and eaten who are snuffed, cooked and eaten.
It’s a simple stroke story, probably most liked by lone males because the background world of such a story with beautiful girls so plentiful and desperate any male would get lots and lots of pussy, even those who feel themselves to be losers when it comes to women.

Gynophagia is also popular with women. For them, it’s a kind of “Whistling past the Graveyard”.
Humans are going to die, and the consensual theme and low value reason for sacrificing one’s life have an appeal.
It’s a “Fuck Death” theme, telling a story about the threat of death means so little that girls throw themselves onto the barbecue.

Like bondage and Dom/sub play where submission gives up responsibility along with choice and freedom and therefore gives the sub the greatest freedom.
Saying “Fuck you Death” is embracing life.
by Toast, a Dolcett girl December 4, 2011
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Think of SnM crossed with Bondage, multiplied by canabalism and homicide. Seriously, seriously whack stuff.

Usually found in online comics/stories. You don't want this stuff in reality!

enuff to leave a seasoned NetHack feeling ill.

avoid at all costs! (well, google it, then avoid at all costs!!)
i was reading this online comic about Gynophagia last night, and it made me so ill i had to throw up!
by mattkerle March 30, 2005
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A dark fetish fantasy that involves women ending up as food. Its male counterpart is called androphagia. Typically centered around the butchering, preparing and cooking process, unlike vorarephilia which is more focused on eating or being eaten.

People involved in this fetish tend to act it out through roleplay. Like any fetish, there is an array of images and short stories depicting gynophagia. A known artist is Muki's Kitchen, who, aided by nude models, depict various scenes involving preparation and cooking of women. Another artist is Dolcett, who, through drawings, shows a gorier side to the fetish.
Harry said to Sally: "Join me in my kitchen and I'll explain more about gynophagia."
by Serpentine Storm May 11, 2022
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