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A form of rule that is imposed on the man by the woman. Normally it is authoritarian.
Release me from your oppresive gynocracy vile woman!
by Ding Chavez May 15, 2004
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1. A female having the male whipped

2. Matriarchal rule

1. Sammie: Fred go to the fridge and get me some ice cream
Fred: Baby Im at work
Sammmie: I didnt ask where you were I said do it
Fred: Yes Ma'am

2. New Zealand is ruled by a queen (a gynocracy)

by EAZYizME January 20, 2008
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A government of the women, run by the men, and for the women. This is an autocratic regime that works by strategically pussy-whipping, punani slapping all men into willfull submission. The prime goal of this government is to establish the domestication of men, often starting from dating and finally ending in marriage(final goal).
Chilling reports from the associated press today indicated that a coup was carried out by secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and a gynocratic regime has been established as a result. All resisting men are so far undergoing domestication as a gynocracy is established. No reports of violence have been sited.
by stringmaster December 06, 2009
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The inherent political superiority of women over men in the workplace

Being the only male employed at his company, poor Wesley could not get any type of job advancement because of the company's gynocracy environment.
by Wesley R. Pack October 09, 2006
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unified front that females can assume in times of need; not to be confused with gynecocracy, which is (a) government by women or (b) society ruled by women
hey, what say we launch a covert gynocracy to bail Betty out of that clusterfuck?
by TheLTrain February 06, 2008
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Government or rule by women, or a society with such leadership. gynaecocracy gynarchy
A gynocracy is comprised of women rulers.
by mass362 July 25, 2018
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