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Gymposter - someone that wears workout clothing as their primary wardrobe or on their days off, but doesn't workout ever.
Matt: Man, Kevin must workout all the time...all he ever wears are sweatsuits.
Mallori: Kevin never works out. He says he hates it. Trust me, he's a gymposter.
by jimbobf July 26, 2011
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(A) People who are obviously not serious about getting in shape but attend a fitness club (usually at the request of a significant other) and hog the machine, bench, or area that a serious and courteous member would like to use, remaining there for an exceptionally long time, and are intentionally putting forth little physical effort due to being naturally lazy. (These annoying pricks usually decrease in numbers as it gets farther away from January 1st.)
"All the treadmills are occupied. That one fat gymposter has been there for 25 minutes and hasn't even walked a quarter mile. Get the hell off and go back to the dairy farm, you prick."
by Screw Liberals June 26, 2016
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