A farm in odenton/gambrills maryland that fills the air with actual shit. Just one whif when you're within a 10 mile radius you instantly die from a cardiac arrest.
dude 1: damn what is that smell?
dude 2: must be dairy farm.
by lamerence June 4, 2018
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when some "does work" in the bathroom right before someone else needs to take a shower.
"dude, I was running late for work today and my roommate totally dairy farmed me right before I jumped in the shower"
by 6'4"fastguy February 6, 2010
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Sweat shops comprised of rows of women hooked up to breast pumps to produce breast milk for body builders in the early 90s.
Joshua: Hey Mike, did you swing by the Dairy Farm?

Mike: Hell yeah brah. I got the breast milk. Will you spot my bench?

Joshua: Totally bro.
by MattSicko November 17, 2020
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