Someone who is particularly smelly, and consists of a lot of unwanted personality traits. Someone who is a gym-bag is very irritating, and gets on everyone's last nerve.
by BennyBooBooBooBoo January 14, 2007
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1. Man, my gym bag is all sweaty.
2. I'll throw my gym bag on your face.
3. Dude, that kid is a fucking gym bag.
by y0kkles April 9, 2004
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A Gymbag surprise is when your mother sends you a care package filled with extra clothes, deodorant, and other supplies. Upon receiving the package, you realize that she sent the items to you in one of her bags. You think nothing of it until, you have emptied all of YOUR belongings out, but the bag is still heavy.... You open up the side pouch to find your mom left her dildo and lube in the bag and sent it to you!!!!!
Tom can never look at his mother the same after she hit him with a gym bag surprise!

Sam doesn't know how he can ever thank his mom for the gym bag surprise.
by Iceoplex42 September 29, 2009
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When your Mom accidentally leaves her GIANT VIBRATOR in your gym bag when she sends clothes over to your new place.
Sam & Tom got a gym bag surprise the other day when they walked in on Mike felching Tucker.
by DaElite September 29, 2009
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While driving and a mother asks her son to reach into her her gym bag to retrieve her wallet out of it-the boy gets extreme anxiety. A phobia disorder caused by the proccess he must go through and begins to get nerveous and sweat while digging around her clothes and is grossed out of their minds, because they beleive they will touch a pair of sweaty panty hose in the proccess but they do the task anyway because they are hungry and want to eat fast food.
True story, my son said he watched a movie and the boys were robbing a store and wore pantyhose on their face and one boy says to the other" these panyhose smell weird" and asks the other boy-"where did you get these from?" the other boy answered" out of my moms gym bag" They took them off right away and from now on experience mothers gym bag phobia. I had to laugh at my son so hard because i said why are you acting that way while looking thru my back pack-he said i might touch your pantyhose. I said I dont own or wear any pantyhose! Nevertheless he has the phobia just from watching the movie.
by M.G.B.P. January 7, 2012
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