Adj. Describes a female who is attractive only physically, who fits in the category that almost all men respond to: blond, tan, nice body, and dumb.

Usually associated with being a vapid bitch/slut.

Not necessarily a bad thing for the short term, but long term relationships can be annoying when conversation matter is exhausted within 24 hours of meeting said female.
Dude, I went down to 'Bama this weekend the girls are all 'guy hot.' They are dumb as shit and horrible to talk to but they sure enjoy being blonde, tanning, gossiping and taking dick.
by BigBuford December 16, 2008
This is celebrated throughout the entire month of September. In this month all the girls and women out there can appreciate how hot guys are as much as they want, and no one will care except for themselves. A great month to stare at your crush all day.
Person 1: Uh... why are you staring at Nick?
Person 2: Didn't you know? It's guy hotness appreciation month! I can ogle him all I want all month.
by N@y September 24, 2011
The type of person that did NOT write the other definition.
i.e. a good-looking male
Skye and Cassidy, stop writing definitions praising yourselves, bitches. You'll never get any hot guys.
by connecticutisthebeststate June 13, 2010
Wow, u are one hot guy man! You're all sweaty now!
by Themajorsmartass January 13, 2017
A gorgeous guy who has a dick I want to ride on until I die.
Girl #1: Damn! Who's that hot guy over there?
Girl #2: I don't know. All I know is that I wanna bang his brains out.
Girl #1: Exactly what I was thinking!
*two girls high five each other*
by xohollisterbabexo February 19, 2010
Any male person that makes your loins roar with hunger.
Your husband? Your boyfreind? the guy across the street who brandishes his rock hard abs to water the peonies!!!
by looopyylydia August 13, 2005
A guy that is not very hot but Gianna is very attracted to him. Gianna is too scared to say hi to him so she typically has her friends talk to him for her.
Gianna likes you, you must be hot guy.”
by The True Becky May 26, 2019