Your conscience, you get an odd or weird disturbing feeling in your stomach, as if what you're considering doing is not ok.
She gets a gut feeling an amazing amount of times & it's Always Right!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that something is going to happen
Marty: Oh god

Alex : Yeah

Marty: I got a gut feeling about this

Alex : Oh great
by Genie101 October 1, 2015
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n. A secret art of rubbing an obese stomach on household objects that is only known by a select few guys; being able to know for sure about something, psychic

v. The act of rubbing objects against an obese stomach.

adj. used to describe the subject that is doing the rubbing on an object.
N. Abe has the power to gut-feel.

V. Jim began to gut-feel everything in his house naked.

ADJ. Gut-feeling Abe gut-feeled everything in his house naked, including his keyboard.
by Raccooninabox August 4, 2006
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that feeling when your just chilling and someone tells you something you really did not want to know or you see something you wish you would not have or something hella shitty happens and it results in a feeling as if someone punched your gut, almost feels as though you are going to throw up (can also make ur heart hurt if its really bad)
Ex 1: when that guy you like and who likes you kisses another girl in front of you

Ex 2: when you get paged in a group call by everyone for some shady shit you did a week ago.

Ex 3:
person 1: **finds out their crush doesn't like them
person 2: u good?
person 3: nah i got that gut punch feeling rn cuz that shit hurted .
by hlikeses February 13, 2019
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