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perfect, evry 1 wants 2 be him, ppl have died tryin 2 get operation 2 look like him, cus he is too deadly.
hello there my name is gurpreet, 2 u its THA KING!
by GRIDLOCK'd February 25, 2004
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A hood gangsta ass girl named Gurpreet that is a fucking G cant be beaten at anything and has perverted thoughts.
Gurpreet is like bread, Punjabi on the outside Punjabi on the inside cuz thatz how she rollzzz nigga
by corruptjatt May 04, 2009
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is sumone who has really bad temper.who is nice sumtimes. and scary tooooo.. lolz..
like sum1 wwho was gonna go to my grad wid me... but now......
by Punjaban August 30, 2003
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