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E's, pills, ecstacy. Due to the unsightly gurning experienced by ravers under the influence of.
I'm gonna see (insert dealer name here) for a bag of gurners.
by rasko September 12, 2003
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Drug fucked individual at a rave. Also used to describe a post drug fucked individual who is doing/saying really stupidly funny shit in their scattered state.

Stems from ancient scottish traditions of having gurner competitions which were competitions in facial contortion to pull ugly faces.
did you see that gurner in the nrg room with twenty fucking glowsticks, not to mention the fucking whistle?!?
a penguin wearing a jacket, what are you going on about you gurner?
by Calis March 28, 2003
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Common nickname for somebody demonstrating side effects of the drug extacy, often resulting in full facial contortions.
"Look at that gurner over there, he looks like he's trying to comb his hair with his lip!!!".
by Jonny Gurns April 05, 2006
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An alternative name for an ecstacy or MDMA tablet.

Comes from the jaw-clenching and eye-rolling effects of the drug.
Hey, guys, you fancy getting some gurners tonight?


I can't listen to dance music without gurners.
by Plush Terry August 05, 2004
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A useless idiot, born with no skills expect for the art of bullshiting. Also known as a gurnie boy.
Geoff Wilson, a known salesman who exceeded himself in the art of 'gurning'
by Berni Man May 26, 2004
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To half moon an audience. Usually with torn pants.
Oh My God - that guy needs to sit down he just did a gurner at the crowd!
by Beast/o/Burden August 09, 2007
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